Room 1

This is the place where all studio recording is done. It's suitable for VO, ADR and Foley recording. In special cases, it can be adapted for simple music recording.


  • Choice of various foley surfaces, props, shoes, fibres and other weird stuff,
  • Choice of various microphones (Sennheiser MKH 60 and MKH 416, Rode Classic II, Rode NT1 and NT5, Audio-Technica 4041, Beyerdynamic M99, Schoeps Collette, Shure SM57…)

Room 2

This is the place for creating pre-mixes and final mix for various master formats, as well as multi-channel recording.


  • ProTools HDX system with ProControl extended console,
  • Dynaudio BM15A 5.1 monitoring system,
  • TC system 6000,
  • TubeTech MEC-1A,
  • TubeTech SMC-2B,
  • Dolby 363 NR system,
  • full-screen video projection.
  • Mac-based platform

Room 3

This is the place for sound editing, but also for simple music recording and MIDI programming.


  • ProTools HD system with DIGI 002
  • Adam A7 2.0 monitoring system
  • loads of other software and plug-ins
  • loads of musical hardware
  • PC platform

Room 4

This is the place where we edit sound, pre-mix stems, design and pre-mix custom sound effects, and execute multi-channel recording.


  • ProTools HD3 Accell system with Focusrite Control 24 console
  • Blue Sky System One 5.1 monitoring system
  • Mac-based platform