Sound production

Production sound recording crew

We provide experienced and skilled production sound mixer and boom operators at your request.

Equipment rental

You can choose between a wide range of specialized location sound recorders, mixers, microphones and wireless systems from manufacturers such as: Nagra, Aaton, Sound Devices, Edirol, Sonosax, SQN, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Rode, Audio-Technica, Lectrosonics, Micron, Sanken, Countryman, VdB, Ambient, Beyerdynamic…

Sound postproduction

Sound editing

Dialogue, sound effects, sound atmospheres and music are prepared for mixing by our ProTools™ trained and Academy educated sound editors.

Sound mixing

Pre-mixes, separate stems or final mix in various formats are prepared by our experienced and skilled re-recording mixers.

Foley recording

We can create complete foley sounds, extras or custom sound effects, whatever your movie characters are.

ADR recording

Dialogue dubbing is sometimes necessary, but sometimes very creative process of improving actor's performance. That's why we call it “laughing room” instead of “crying room”.

Music recording and mixing

It's possible to realize multi-channel location recording direct to ProTools up to 32 channels, or to mixdown your music to 5.1 master track in our studio.